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Welcome to the Cavalier JV High School Team Page!




Coach - Hilary Murray: hmurray412@gmail.com 

Coach - Natalie Drever: natalie.drever@gmail.com

Coach - Bucky Morris: buckymorris@gmail.com


Overview - Fall is the off-season for lacrosse and we encourage the kids to play other sports.  The objective of our teams is to provide instruction and competition to help our players build skills and improve their performance. 

Practices - Practices will take place September through mid November. All practices will take place at Cavalier Park, 1002 E Market Street, Leesburg, VA.

Tournaments - The following tournaments are planned for the fall:  

  • 10/20 - The Fall Classic - Downington, PA
  • 11/4 - Lax Clash, Aberdeen, MD
  • 11/17-11/18 - Virginia Beach Turkey Shootout

Speed & Agility Training The fall program includes weekly strength and agility training with Coach Tee which will be offered twice a week (Wednesdays and Saturdays).  Coach Tee Jones CSCS, is the owner of Evolution Performance, and has been training athletes for the last 14 years.  He has worked with youth, high school teams, college and professional players in the area and around the country to provide quality training done the right way.  Each athlete will improve on their abilities, by being assessed, then trained correctly to make sure production goes up while risk of injury come down. Coach Tee and his staff are all certified, educated, and have experience in the sports field, to create a community of great training and great athletes! Coach Tee is from Suffolk, VA.  In high school, he was a dual sport athlete that excelled in football and track.  Received numerous scholarship offers for both football and track, but chose to attend the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, after a stint in junior college.  Coach Tee then transferred, his senior year to James Madison University. There he found out he was inelegibile but yet did not allow that to deter him from his dream of playing pro football.  After two years of trying, Coach Tee got his break and was selected as a undrafted free agent to the Jacksonville Jaguars.


Weekly Clinics - Cavalier Lacrosse will provide additional skills training once a week for all positions. Open to all registered players.

Program Cost - $725

Costs include coaches, practices, weekly skills clinics, bi-weekly speed and agility training, field fees, tournament entry fees, administrative fees and spirit wear.  Cavalier Lacrosse believes in providing quality lacrosse to all families regardless of their financial position.  Please contact us if you wish to play but need financial assistance.