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Cavalier Winter 2016/17 - Box Lacrosse Teams
OVERVIEW - Cavalier Lacrosse is committed to bringing box lacrosse instruction and game play to our Cavalier teams.  This year we have partnered with Madlax and we will be fielding 8 teams in the Madlax Capital Box Lacrosse league (CBLL).  We will have 4 teams in Future Elite division (Games 456) and 4 teams in the Junior Elite division (grades 789).  Due to the overwhelming demand for box lacrosse and limited roster spots, we have targeted our offering at current and future Cavalier travel team members.
(1) Rosters - We will be fielding four teams at the 4th/5th/6th grade division and four teams in the 7th/8thgrade division.   We will field evenly matched teams that include kids from all 3 of the grades within an age band.   Rosters can be found HERE
(2) Coaches - All teams will be lead by Cavalier coaches.  
Future Elite Teams (Grades 456)
  • Capitals (James Cramp)
  • Nationals (Eric Blow)
  • Redskins (Seth Casteel)
  • Wizards (Ryan Young)
Junior Elite Teams (Grades 78) 
  • Army Rangers (Marty Young)
  • Navy Seals (Mark O'Brien & Pat Barron)
  • Delta Force (Brandon Creech) 
  • Green Berets (Scott Fujiwara)
(3) Jerseys - All players will receive a custom box jersey.    

(4) Practice Schedule - We have rented Dulles Sportsplex on Saturday Dec 3rd for all Cav Box teams for a pre-season training session.  This will be the only practice/training session for the season.  Players will meet the coaches and be taught the Cavalier Boxlax Methodology.  Players will also receive their uniforms

1-2pm - Caps & Wizards
2-3pm - Skins & Nats
3-4pm - Navy Seals & Green Berets
4-5pm - Delta Force & Army Rangers 

(5) League - We will playing in the Madlax CBLL league.  Season runs approximately 12/10 to 2/15.  Games are Saturdays in the 1-8pm window. Please visit the Madlax CBLL site for schedules, standings, and rules.  

(6) Cav Cares - As many of you know, we have a philanthropic arm called Cav Cares that focuses on community give back.   This season we will be supporting the Loudoun Abused Woman’s Shelter.  They are in need of small denomination gift cards ($10 - $20) for families to use.  Could be anything from grocery stores, gas station, Target, Walmart, etc.  We will have a donation box at the registration table for anyone that wishes to donate gift cards.  


Looking forward to a great winter season!! 
James Cramp 
Cavalier Lacrosse